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'햄콜 HamCole > 사진 Picture' 카테고리의 다른 글

2013 HamCole dsp official pic  (0) 2013.11.06
HamCole @ K-SWISS  (0) 2013.11.06
130114 HamCole @ Incheon Airport (to Malaysia)  (0) 2013.01.15
HamCole @ MTV World Stage (Malaysia)  (0) 2013.01.14
HamCole for ELLE magazine (May. 2012.)  (0) 2013.01.14
HamCole@KARASIA Japan  (0) 2013.01.14
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Kara′s Han Seung Yeon and Nicole Look Like Twins for ′Elle′

Kara member Han Seung Yeon and Nicole’s striking resemblance in a magazine pictorial has attracted the attention of viewers.

A pictorial from the upcoming May issue of Ellefashion magazine was released on April 23, and showed off Han Seung Yeon and Nicole in similar hair and makeup, as if the two were twins. Moreover, the magazine pictorial showcased their attractive and exotic qualities.

In the past, Han Seung Yeon has said on numerous occasions that “the five members of Kara each give off their own personality even when they wear the same costume, due to each member’s strong individuality.”

It appears she wasn’t exaggerating, as viewers were able to discover Han Seung Yeon and Nicole’s unique merits through the photo spread.

Han Seung Yeon and Nicole’s intense cat’s eye makeup and pink lips properly represented the vibe of a dreamlike girl in the Elle pictorial.

Afterwards, when she was asked about her favorite beauty item, Nicole replied, “I have fallen in love with lipstick these days.”

Photo credit: ‘Elle’

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